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Citra Abadi Teknik Indonesia


Bolt and Nut Galvanized | Mur Baut Putih / Galvanis

Bolt and Nut Galvanis

Bolt and Nut Galvanized | Mur Baut Putih / Galvanis

Metric Bolt and Nuts

We manufacture fastener as bolt,screw,nuts,washer,stud bolt,thread rod,A307,A325,A563,A490,B7,2H,DIN934,tuercas,pernos,tornillos, ltfasteners 
We manufacture various of steel thread fasteners. Finished Hex Nuts ASME B18.2.2-1987 A563 grade A, DIN934; Hex Bolt, Hex Cap Screw ASME B18.2.1-1987 A307 Structural Bolts A325-type 1, A490; Nylon Insert Lock Nuts IFI, NE, NTE, DIN985, DIN982; Hex Flange Nuts IFI 100/107, DIN6923 ; Carriage Bolts;Socket Hex Bolts / Socket Cap Screw ; USS, SAE Flat Washers, Hardened Washers F436; Hex Flange Bolts; A193 B7/B7M Stud Bolt,Thread Rod; Heavy Hex Nuts - A194 2H 2HM & A563 DH ; Hex Lag Screw,Drywall Screw,Self-Drilling Screw; Hex Concaved Nuts,Spring Nuts; Track bolt:Round Head Oval Neck Bolt Hex Coupling Nuts,Hex Thickness Nuts Track bolts Kits;Plow Bolt Rivet Nuts; Wing Nuts Hex Slotted Nuts,Flange Nuts, Dome Nuts,Weld Nuts U-BOLT,steel Clamps Machine Screw anchor

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